as long as we keep talking, i can find you.

Long Distance Isn’t – Samuel Hazo

Separated by a sea, two shores,
the clans of Vercingetorix, the Brenner
Pass, the boot of Italy
from just below the knee to halfway
down the calf, we nix them all
by phone.
Our voices kiss.
Who cares if the Atlantic bashes
Maine, Land’s End, or Normandy?
We leapfrog hemispheres the way
the mind cavorts through God-knows-what
millenia, what dynasties, what
samples of our kind from
australopithecus to Charlie Chaplin.
The body’s place?
Cross latitude
by longitude, and it is there.
The body’s age?
Count up
from birth or back from death,
and it is there.
But words?
We launch them out like vows against the wind.
Creating what we are,
they wing through seas and continents
and make us more than elegies
to yesterday.
Forget the cost.
Talk louder and ignore the static.
Pretend we’re walking through the dark.
Don’t stop.
Don’t stop or look
behind you.
As long as you
keep talking, I can find you.




shiva sketch stage 8


its ok to be vulnerable ..its ok to be hurt..
let it move you ..let the wave of emotions consume you.
stage 8.. about the story that inspired the sketch..
According to legend ..Sati (who later reincarnated as Parvati) and Shiva fell in love. Sati’s father Daksha, the greatest king of India at the time, was not in favour of his daughter marrying Shiva. One tale tells how Daksha prepared an important sacrifice to which he invited all the gods but lord Shiva. Sati was outraged and decided to attend the ceremony to confront her father. shiva was impressed by his wife’s loyalty, however he told her that Daksha was sure to insult him and that she must not respond to his insults.
> Daksha immediately began insulting Shiva at Satis arrival. He scorned Shiva’s wild dancing and his appearance. Sati, finally overwhelmed with fury, denounced her father in front of all the gods and threw herself on to the sacrificial fire and was burnt to death.
> Shiva, on hearing this sent one of his emanations, a terrifying demon, to kill everyone who had attended the ceremony. Later, at the request of Lord Vishnu he brought everybody back to life, but he couldn’t bring Sati back.
> The sketch depicts that particular event when Shiva shook the heavens and moved the earth, to avenge the loss of his love. He was the most vulnerable at the moment and as irrational as a human. As everyone at some point of time has felt this particular emotion and irreplaceable sense of loss at the hands of love, the sketch therefore is a mirror image, so its viewers feel one with it. The trishul is on the right instead of being on Shivas right, so is the rudraksh around his bicep.
Even the Mahadev (the greatest god) could not turn back time to bring back his love and was ridiculed to absolute vulnerability.

shiva sketch stage 7


i love rebels.. i’m crushing on the God of Rebels..
i have a theory .. lord Shiva is called ‘Mahadev’ aka coolest of all the gods for a reason… he was a rebel (and by rebel i don’t mean the crazy law defying ..sadistic.. ego-centric or the violent kind) i mean the cool and collected, oh-so-comfortable-in-their-skin kinda non-conformists ..mostly hard workers..they have their own ideologies and eccentric believes .. you can’t really tell if they are introverts or extroverts .. that’s what is so attractive about them ..they are a beautiful contradiction within themselves ..they are a mystery ..even to themselves.. that you, i or anyone cannot unravel..
untilllll.. and unless you have one of those type fall in love with you ..and whats amazing about the sadistic idea is that you willingly lose your sense of self-preservation.. i would happily give it up ..imagine the insanely heady feeling of being the center of their eccentric universe!
stage 7.. in love with lord Shiva ..more than ever.. he didn’t need a golden, gem studded crown or throne to be called the god of all gods …. while the rest of the gods fought with the oh-so-low-life demons over an immortality elixir, lord Shiva drank the poison so the elixir be safe for consumption… he fell in love with Sati and upon her death, he waited for lifetimes to pass till she reincarnated as Parvati…
i believe these myths to be true … and those of you who don’t! ..i have a flip theory ..they say all of us have a god within us …the question is which one are you striving to be ..the rest of the gods? or Mahadev!!

The Imperfectionist

a good read … and very encouraging .. all of us should learn how to embrace our real, inner selves.. its a scary place, yes! .. but its the best place to be in .. to share things with the world in your own individual style
.. everybody’s perception of perfect is different ..and we can’t please everybody .. just follow your own ethics ..

Sara Wachter-Boettcher | Content Strategy Consulting

You know those childhood memories that are burned so deep you can remember the shirt you were wearing, or the way the grass smelled? I’ve got a few: The Time I Fell Off My Bike Riding With No Hands; The Time I Couldn’t Keep My Balance On The Rope Tow And All The Skiers Stared.

But there’s a particularly unremarkable one that’s always haunted me. I was in the first grade, and we were making collages of cut-out magazine pictures to accompany the story we were reading. Except I wasn’t cutting anything out—I was just sitting there, vetoing every picture I came across. Nothing was good enough. Nothing lived up to the perfect collage in my head.

While everyone else shared theirs with the class, I just sat there, empty-paged and ashamed. I wanted to hide.

Two decades later, I was still hiding. It was 2008, and I was fumbling my…

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revisiting the feeling of ‘first love’

Maybe its not fair to say this (or even feel this) but i have a lot of first loves ..

there’s something about that feeling.. maybe about the butterflies in your tummy, maybe about the satisfaction, the contentment, the comprehension..

either way my fascination with it lures me right back into falling in love with something new over and over.




1530a64628680b1d7350a0f52962a0cb Acropolis of Athens. 

The Acropolis of Athens and its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity to the world.

In the second half of the fifth century bc, Athens, following the victory against the Persians and the establishment of democracy, took a leading position amongst the other city-states of the ancient world.

In the age that followed, as thought and art flourished, an exceptional group of artists put into effect the ambitious plans of Athenian statesman Pericles and, under the inspired guidance of the sculptor Pheidias, transformed the rocky hill into a unique monument of thought and the arts.

The most important monuments were built during that time: the Parthenon, built by Iktinos, the Erechtheon, the Propylaea, the monumental entrance to the Acropolis, designed by Mnesicles and the small temple Athena Nike.






 The Parthenon is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the maiden goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron deity. Its construction began in 447 BC when the Athenian Empire was at the height of its power.

All temples in Greece were designed to be seen only from the outside. The viewers never entered a temple and could only glimpse the interior statues through the open doors. The Parthenon was conceived in a way that the aesthetic elements allow for a smooth transition between the exterior and the interior that housed the chryselephantine statue of Athena.





The history, the art, the rich culture of Greece continue to fascinate me .. the more you read the more you learn .. the more you see it the more you fall in love!

shiva sketch stage 6


Taking a step back. this ones for all the times i just wanted to sit back and take a break ..not for any particular reason but ..’just’. to think back at it.. to see how i really felt.. to know if this was ‘It’ .. wonder how something so amazing happened soon see if i could fall out of love with it see if it was too early
and that’s when you realize there are times when amazing things happen that completely consume you ..there is no set time or age or scenario for it .. nothing else can replace it or make you doubt it .. it holds its stand in your heart .. and even if you want can no longer shake that feeling ..
stage 6..

national geographic nature category winner


Photo and caption by Ashley Vincent

“The subject’s name is Busaba, a well cared for Indochinese Tigress whose home is at Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Thailand. I had taken many portraits of Busaba previously and it was becoming more and more difficult to come up with an image that appeared any different to the others. Which is why I took to observing her more carefully during my visits in the hope of capturing something of a behavioural shot. The opportunity finally presented itself while watching Busaba enjoying her private pool then shaking herself dry. In all humility I have to say that Mother Nature smiled favourably on me that day!”

as already stated above by the photographer we have seen too many shots in nature photography that end up looking similar, this one shot however is unique and makes you smile ..
busaba looks anything but like her fellow frightening and ferocious kind.

red and peach peacock theme


this one’s my favorite theme .. we used synthetic pearls, gold ribbon called ‘gota’ combined on peach tissue with ethnic embroidery in peacock motif on red velvet.

i love the brightness yet the sophistication of this theme ..

its all peaches and reds except for that little dash of dark ink blue in the middle, which seems to de-saturate the pinks and at the same time add more character to the product.

it seems to complete it.

.non-conformists-meet artists.

i couldn’t emphasis enough on how much i love rebels ..
the unorthodox young pioneers of new, amazing ideas..
these rebels are not the crazy law defying ..sadistic.. ego-centric or the violent kind, they are the calm and collected, oh-so-comfortable-in-their-skin kind of non-conformists ..mostly hard workers..they have their own ideologies and eccentric believes .. you can’t really tell if they are introverts or extroverts .. they are a beautiful contradiction within themselves ..
everybody wants a piece of their talent.. simply because their works are a product of this in-born art, that the best of us could not replicate.
and may i point out…
when you have such god gifted talent in you not let it go waste ..infact feel happily obliged to go against the odds and share that irreplaceable piece of yourself with the world.
the rest will come to you automatically.

here are my two dear and very talented friends .. who share in common the belief of following ones calling.

Rajputana Custom Motorcycles (Vijay Singh)

“To NOT conform to “demand & supply”…we are happy building 12 odd bikes a year. It goes without saying that we will give those 12 bikes everything we got. We set up this workshop cause it was damn good fun and we intend on keeping it that way. Ride on…Ride Free.”


Starving Artists Videos (Rahul Datta)

“Because we believe there is an artist in every one of us, starving not for food or drink or money or power instead we are starving for art, for colour for an adrenalin rush of creative expression and we hope to find other such starving artists who inspire and let us be part of their evolving vision.”

(to learn more about them you could visit their facebook links given above)

the video.. ‘2’nd Anniversary ride – R.C.M – 02.02.2012′ ..a joint collaboration from the duo, is my favorite piece.
…enjoy the adrenal rush!!

shiva sketch stage 5


tough love: that phase when you look at everybody else’s love and wonder why yours cant be like theirs .. well.. because your love is your kind ..that is what makes you ‘you’ and because if you were given the option ..u wouldn’t do it any other way ..your love is your own.. and that’s why the best kind is called tough love..
stage 5.. being an artist ..well atleast being a new struggling artist is never easy.. n you have to know that there are norms that you will have to follow and there is going to be criticism.. but for someone like me .. to an extent .. that’s the beauty of it .. i don’t want to follow the norms ..and criticism makes me put in even more effort..
you see my kind of medium can take months to finish ..and i bet anyone will run out of patience when put in the same situation, therefore, it takes me longer than most other form and types of art to finish my canvas .. i cannot work on creating a collection because i can produce max one piece in 7 months.. and so, i was told ‘its not going to work need a collection’ .. well, i agree that’s the best way to go about it buttt i do not conform with the norms ..i love what i’m doing at my own pace and i’m going to stick with it (theme-wise.. its always going to mythology). (maybe later when i get incentives il pick up the pace and make it back-breaking.. we are all just human after all)

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